Configure Mail for Apple OSX

Configure Mail for Apple OSX


  1. In your menu bar select the Mail dropdown then Preferences
  2. At the next pop up screen select Accounts

  3. Hit the + sign towards your bottom left and select add other mail account at the bottom of the list.

  4. Enter your full name, entire email address and password in the fields shown and click create

  5. It will tell you that you need to manually configure your account, that is ok so go ahead and click next
  6. Select either POP or IMAP then fill in your mail server using "" filling in "yourdomain" with your actual domain name. Your username must be your full email address, it will default to only the first portion so you will need to fill in the

  7. Your next screen will have a verify certificate error. You want to click connect

  8. Your next screen will be setting up your SMTP server. You want to again use "". The username and password need to be filled in using your full email address and password

  9. Your account will then verify and you will be taken back to your original accounts screen. You MUST click the Advanced tab with that account selected in the left hand column and un-check the use SSL option. This will set that port to 143 . Save and Exit back to your Mail application.

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