Enable Spam Filtering in Webmail

Enable Spam Filtering in Webmail

If you are experiencing a large amount of spam on your domain you can enable Webmail spam filtering.  You may want to let your Key Rep know if you want this changed, as changes can prevent legitimate emails from coming through.

The process is easy and can be turned on at a domain level or an individual user level.  just remember a user overrides domain and the domain overrides the full system. It works from the bottom up.


To change:

    • 1) Login to webmail.   ( mail.YOUR-DOMAIN.com )
    • 2) Navigate to Settings -> Domain Settings -> Filtering -> Spam Filtering.


    • 3) Check the box next to Use default spam settings. 


  • 4) Make sure to do this for user settings as well (Settings -> My Settings -> Filtering -> Spam Filtering).
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