What is an SSL (Secure Socket Layer)

What is an SSL (Secure Socket Layer)

What is a SSL?
SSL stands for secured socket layer, it is a protocol used to transmit data securely over the internet using encryption technology. This means that the data you send is encrypted using a complex algorithm instead of plain text such as the web site you are reading now. SSL is easily denoted as https instead of using http. This means the only way to get to a secure site is by typing https in front of the name. Any content that then falls under the root of that domain is encrypted automatically.

When you connect to a secure site such as https://www.yourdomain.com your web browser checks the certificate with the fully qualified domain name of the site you are accessing to make sure it is the actual real web site. It then makes sure that the encryption type is the same on both your computer and the web server. After that your computer and the server send special codes to each other to begin the encryption process, after that they only communicate using the encryption.

Does Key Web Studio offer SSLs?
We do offer SSLs. We resell our SSLs through a company called GlobalSign (www.globalsign.com). The pricing of the SSL will be based on several factors, from GlobalSigns listed price to any work we have to do to manage and renew that SSL for you, if applicable. For pricing information please contact support@keywebstudio.com

What are the different SSLs I can have?
We offer both shared and private SSL using the latest in 128 bit data encryption.

What is the difference between shared and private SSLs?
A shared SSL is an SSL certificate that is being shared by many other subdomains. This means the SSL is actually applied to a single domain like a normal SSL certification however this certificate allows us to run that certificate off any subdomain that is based on the primary domain.  This is known as a "wild card certificate".  For example the shared SSL for a Key Web Studio account would be https://username.secure.yourdomain.com/.  The shared SSL certificate provided by Key Web is free and give you a quick and easy way to encrypt your online data such as an online store or email form.

A private SSL is an SSL certificate that is applied to a single domain. It has the same encryption level as a shared SSL certificate but is based on your domain name instead of Key Web's domains.  For example https://www.yourdomain.com/ is a private SSL. Private SSL’s are aesthetically more pleasing to a customer, instead of seeing another hosts name in the site URL when using the shared SSL certificate, they will see your website address.

What is it used for?
SSL certificates are used to encrypt important data. Usually this is data in the form of an online web form that contains sensitive information such as credit card numbers for an online shopping cart.  It is important to keep any personal information safe such as your customers addresses which are often overlooked. Key Web's recommends that you use at least the free shared SSL for any form dealing with your customer's information.

How do I setup a SSL for my account?

Users can setup a Shared SSL if needed, the format will make your domain a hash code in front of our domain (Ex. https://4jh5h45kh45khl2l2ldfdls.yourdomain.com) Shared SSLs only work with domains and will not cover subdomains. We usually only recommend private SSL's to all of our customers needing secured pages.

If you want a shared SSL please contact your Key Rep, or email Support at support@keywebstudio.com

Please include the domain(s) you want a shared SSL activated for.


For additional questions, please contact support@keywebstudio.com


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