How to submit an online trouble ticket

To submit a trouble ticket, you can either email us, or use the "Submit Request" link at the top right of this site. A ticket will be automatically generated that you can check the status of anytime from this site. 

First - Login to your support account. If you do not have an account yet, you can register for one for free. We highly recommend you set up an account to make it easier for us to identify you when you submit tickets. See the First Time Registration article to set up an account. 

You can also go through the submit a ticket process, and it will prompt you to register for an account. 


1. Click "Submit a Request" (Located at the top right of the site, next to "Sign In")


2. Fill in your email address (required). This is where we will send the ticket link and updates.

3. Add a subject line. Indicate exactly what the issue is regarding (examples: My email won't send, need a website update, contact form won't send, etc.)

4. Make a good description. This is your chance to give us as much detail as you can. The more the merrier! If it is an error, let us know what the error message says. If possible, give links, and include steps to re-create the issue you experienced, or tell us whether it did this prior.  The theme here is "as much as you can remember".



5. Submit your request by clicking the gray button called "Submit" at the bottom right. It will require you to fill in a Captcha, just to be sure you aren't a robot!


6. You are done! Next, you will receive a link in your email with a trouble ticket URL. Use that link to see whats going on with your ticket.


7. Once received, your Key Representative will be sent a copy. Whenever possible, they will be the one to help you. If they are unavailable, a Support personal will be assigned to help you.

You will hear back from someone shortly!



This support request will automatically generate a support ticket that will be processed like any other email support request; Quickly, efficiently, and expertly.


For questions regarding trouble tickets, please email



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