How do I update my payment method?

Having a card on file for services is extremely convenient, if you typically pay by credit card. We take Visa, MasterCard (or check by mail). To update your Visa or MC on file, you will need to submit the new card information using our secured Online Payment Form below:

Online Payment Form

Be sure to fill everything out completely and accurately to ensure your payment method is updated quickly. Your card will be updated within 24-48 hours of receiving your form.


For more than one card

If you have more than one card on file and need to update both, please submit a new form for each card.  

For each form, please indicate the service it is for, if you plan to only use one card for one type of service (i.e hosting only, web maintenance only, etc.)

In addition, if the card is for a one time payment, please selecting the "One time payment" option, as well as an authorized amount for us to charge to the card.

If you already have a card on file and want to use it to pay for services, just email, or your Key Representative, and let them know this is how you plan to pay.  

For questions, please email






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