Email Throttling - No Mass Mailings

Email Throttling

To prevent hijacked accounts from sending out spam Key Web Studio has throttling and blocks put in place on outgoing email. A hijacked account is an email address that has been compromised, allowing a worm or other user to use it to send out spam. We must block these occurrences to prevent the mail servers from becoming blacklisted. One of the methods we employ is throttling the number of total email messages that can be sent from a specific account, or domain, on a shared email server, within a set period of time. These limits are set to allow a "normal" level of activity from a user but take action if a specific domain or account begins to send a number of emails that is greater then what would be considered standard levels.  

There are currently 2 levels of throttling in place on all shared mail servers. 

Threshold 1
Time: 10 Minutes
Number of Emails: 100
Action Taken: If a user sends more then 50 individual emails within any 10 minute time period, those emails will be placed in a holding queue for a short time on the email server. These emails will be delivered a short time later but will be delayed. 

Threshold 2
Time: 30 Minutes
Number of Emails: 200
Action Taken: If a user sends out more then 200 emails within any 30 minute time period, all emails from that domain will be placed in a holding queue PERMANENTLY and no other emails sent from that domain will be delivered until the user contacts Key Web Studio and asks to be manually removed from the block list. 

If you believe that you have violated the 2nd relay threshold and have been permanently placed on a block list, please contact Key Web Studio from a different email address at: support@keywebstudio.comand we will file a ticket and get the fixes rolling!

In the ticket we will need the following information.

  • Email address you are sending from
  • IP address of your current location ( can be used if you are unsure)

We will review the information and the content of the emails being sent and will either remove the block on the domain so that emails may be sent once again or contact you to review current block and what actions need to be taken.

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