NEW! - Key Advantage Hosting Plans, redesigns over time!

Key Web Studio is proud to announce that it is offering special redesign plans to our long-term customers. 


This plan is called Key Advantage - Here's how it works


Typically a redesign is an "all at once" ordeal, taking about 2-3 months to complete. This makes it difficult to plan and execute, as well as puts financial pressure of you to pay for the redesign in 1-3 large payments. This can be challenging for a small business. Besides the cost, it is also hard to get employees to adopt a new system in one shot.

We figured out this was not an effective way to redesign. 

Instead, we have created a way to redesign your site over time, wrapping the cost into your monthly hosting. We designate a certain number of hours to your new design project each month, so you can pay for it slowly. The design work we do will be strategic and based on priorities. Your site becomes a work in progress, always improving. 

Most sites can be successfully redesigned completely within 1 year. Others may want to design more quickly, then switch to ongoing redesign based on usage. We can accommodate both preferences. Although we highly recommend a slow redesign, as this has the best chance of truly adapting to your users behaviors. 

Once your site is redesigned to your satisfaction, we can plan a reduction in the designated hours per month down to a maintenance level.  Maintenance is typically 2 hour per month to keep the site cross browser compatible, and to make updates based on the times.

We always recommend monthly ongoing maintenance, to avoid ever needing a complete redesign. 



Costs are quoted based on hours needed to achieve the goals at hand. The exact costs of your Key Advantage Hosting plan depend on the number of hours you need for your redesign, and the pace at which you want it done. Plans are custom quoted, and costed by the hour. The more hours you need, the lower the hourly rate per-hour.


The requirements

You must be a hosting customer for at least 2 years

Your account must be in good standing

You must be on auto monthly hosting payments (card on file)

Want your website improved...

You read and sign your new Key Advantage Hosting Contract (digital), and you are good to go!


Getting Started

First, you need a quote from your Key Representative. Email them and let them know you want a quote for a Key Advantage plan. Tell them how soon you want the redesign done, or tell them you are flexible. They will speak with you to clarify expectation, then they will send you proposal that includes the hours needed, and cost per month. This cost will include your current hosting plan. 

If you approve the estimate - simply sign the Key Advantage Hosting Plan service contract online, and you are set!


For questions and more information about the Key Advantage Hosting Plan, please contact your Key Representative or email Support at




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