Help - I need support, how do I get it?

There are a few ways to get support with Key Web Studio.

Our primary support mechanism is by email. We are set up to reply the fastest to email - email is our mainstay around here. We treat it like most companies treat the phone.

We also offer phone support as well through voice mail, and scheduled calls. Voice mails are turned into an audio file and immediately processed just like an email.  

We do not staff live phone support: Unless your custom SLA provides it, we do not staff a live call center. It has proven ineffective for providing quality support, and raises service costs to you substantially with little benefit. Instead, we opt to only staff experienced industry experts, and never entry level people. Therefore, we ensure there is always someone useful and available to you by email or voice mail. Because of this shift, we can supply higher quality service levels to you at a lower cost than the competition. 


Ways to let us know you need help:


Submit an Online Trouble Ticket - NEW!

You can now request support for anything and everything using this site. If your email is down, but you have internet, this is an effective way to get support. Key Reps or voice mail work too. Either way, someone will create a ticket for you in our system. You will receive an email link to check the status of the ticket at any time.

To submit a trouble ticket you must register for a support account. Learn How to Register for a Support Account.

And instructions for Submitting a Trouble Ticket


During Business Hours - First email your Key Rep

You can contact them via the online support request, or simply email them directly. This is who you contact for all situations during business hours. If you don't know who your Key Rep is, please email and we will find out. Or just submit a trouble ticket to be routed to the right person. 

The Key Rep assigned to your account is the expert in all aspects of your account, and has the seniority and authority needed across all service departments to get things done for you. They represent you. Key Reps are knowledgeable, industry experts that have experience in all aspects of web development. These are not your typical support personal. 

When you involve them, they can screen, plan, organize, direct and manage all necessary steps to get things done quickly and effectively. Everything is faster if this person is involved in the situation. 

However - if you cannot reach your Key Rep by email or voice mail, please email the Support Department at (below). Or submit a support request ticket on this site. 


Second - Email Support -

The Support Department is also staffed with knowledge industry experts. Although they have less authority than your Key Rep, and they will not be as aware of the unique issues related to your account history. But, in a jam they can save the day! And they always inform your Key Rep of what transpired while they were away.

Send them an email to get support, or submit a trouble ticket. Or leave them a voice mail by calling our main line 866-920-4302 and press extension 1 (phone prompt will advise). If you leave a voice mail, leave as much detail as you can. Don't forget to include how to reach you, and an alternative email address (if your primary email is down). Voice mail is immediately turned into an audio file and sent to all support staff like email. If necessary, they will call you back, depending on the situation and your access to email or phone. 


For Billing Support -

If you have a billing related issue, you can submit on online trouble ticket, email your Key Rep, or simply contact our Billing Department directly at

To reach Billing by phone phone/voice mail call our main line 866-920-4302 and select 2. As with any support request, please leave them a detailed voice mail with as much detail as you can. It will be immediately sent to Billing as an audio file that will be checked and responded to quickly, in the same way we process emails.


For Other - General Mailbox (a sorting point)

If you leave a voice mail at Key Web Studios by pressing "0" from the main line, you will get our general voice mail. General voice mails are filtered to determine new or existing customer status, then routed to the appropriate department for response. If you are an existing customer, your Key Rep is always sent a copy of the voice mails pertinent to your account, so they are up to date on the latest activity or challenges. 


Weekends, Evenings, Holidays

Feel free to email your Key Rep, or Support on the weekends, evenings, or Holidays. We offer 24/7 US based support by email. At this time, we do not offer bilingual support (English only). 

Whenever your Key Rep is away, your emails are being copied to our Support Department automatically. We do this to ensure timely support when a Key Rep is not available.

The only exceptions are Billing related emails. All Billing related issues are handled and answered during business hours M-F 9am-5pm MST, by our Billing Department directly, or by your Key Rep. 

Exceptions are made for custom support contracts with SLA terms that guarantee live-support or other forms of support, and those guarantees stand. If you have a custom support contract with Key Web Studio, you will be given an alternative phone number to call for support. If you do not have a custom SLA, you are automatically covered under our general support terms listed above. 


For questions regarding support, please contact Support at

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