Where is my domain hosted?

We do not host domains. A domain host is a domain registrar, like Godaddy or Network Solutions. So your domain is always hosted with another party separate from Key Web Studio. It is usually the same company you registered the domain with, unless you have transferred it elsewhere. It is common for customers to have lost track of where their domain is hosted, or who manages it. An easy to way to begin investigating where your domain is located/hosted is to use WHOIS.

The WHOIS database is easy to use. Simply click here for the WHOIS website, enter your domain name, then hit "search". The results will tell you where your domain is hosted, possibly even the primary email on file. The primary email on file for your domain is the single most important aspect of managing your domain. 


Once you know where your domain is hosted, it is CRUCIAL that you make sure they have a valid email address on file with them, one that you can check readily and often. If you are able to log in to the registrar and manage your domain, then you are probably in good shape, because you can edit this email on file at any time if you can log on to their management interface. If the email they have on file is expired or never checked, it is important that you contact the domain registrar to update your email address.

Emails are how your domain registrar sends you domain renewal notices. It is also how they confirm any and all changes to your domain. Your domain cannot be used for your new website until you can log in to the domain manager at the domain host, and make some technical changes. This almost always requires a valid email on file to check and allow password resets, etc. All of these changes will require access, and a valid email to accomplish.


Domain Management Services

We can help you manage your domain

While we cannot host domains, we do offer "Domain Management" services, which include registering, receiving emails, handling approval emails, pointing domains to the correct server locations, making aliases, making timely updates when needed, forwarding domains, etc. We strongly encourage new customers to allow us to help mange their domain to prevent technical setbacks.

When we manage your domain, we can make any necessary changes quickly with no hangups. You can still pay for your own domain if you would like, and in some cases, we can renew it for you and bill you NET 30 for the domain + any domain management charges. Plus, you can contact us about what is going on with your domain at any time. It is far easier to get things done if we manage the domain. 

If you are unsure of where to begin, or whether we already manage your domain or not, please email your Key Representative, or email support@keywebstudio.com


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